School Fees Policies


1. Application is free of charge. However, Assessment fee is billed upon entrance test of the pupil.

2. The assessment Fee is charged for wait- listed with understanding that there is no guarantee for a seat in the coming academic year. However, will be kept on the priority waiting list. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.

3. The Reservation Fee is charged to secure a seat for the next academic year. This is NON-Refundable and Non-Transferable but deductible to Registration fees for the next academic year.

5. The Annual School fees are to be paid in Three (3) installments.

The payment schedule are as follow:

·         Upon Enrollment

·         1st week of January of the academic year.

·         1st week of April of the academic year.

Unpaid tuition fees on the given date above will be given only one further week to settle the account. In the event that the fees due for payment are remain unsettled, the school has the right to refuse the pupil from attending classes and/ or taking exams.

6. Materials, Miscellaneous and other consumables (Book, uniform. Etc.) Fees are paid at the beginning of each school year and are non-refundable.

8. All other fees such as educational trips, projects, and/or extra-curricular fees must be paid to the school prior to the event.

 9. No reduction and/or refund will be given for pupils who leave during the school year. 


School Timings

The school gates open at 06:30 am from Sunday - Thursday. Please do not drop off your children before then.

The regular school day runs from 07:10 until 2:00 pm for students in KG until Year 9. 

All children are required to be collected by their parents or guardians within 30 minutes after classes every day.

Parents are requested to fetch their children promptly. We have no designated staff to supervise children beyond this time.

There is an optional After School program offered to children in the Pre-school Department and in the Primary Department if students can not be collected on time. An additional fee is applicable for this service.